Statistical Innovation in Brazil

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Octubre 05, 2018
De 10:00 a 11:00 hrs

University of Sao Paulo

Statistics has been consolidated as an activity to promote scientific and technological progress in Brazil, contributing to the productive sector in order to increase its added value through the development of specific methodologies and products. In this context, we have observed a great insertion of methodologies and statistical products in innovation processes, promoting interaction with professionals from the public and productive sectors, as well as with the population in general, which efficiently directs the interlocution between academia and industry. This conference presents the main actions and activities of statistical innovation that we have been developing within the Center for Mathematics and Statistics Applied to Industry (CeMEAI), in the sense of approximating academia, the productive sector and the community in general. The social, cultural and financial impacts of our actions and activities are exemplified through real success examples. This includes reliability modeling for oil well construction equipment, classification modeling for fraud detection in financial transactions, wood quality automatic recognition modeling, solid waste management strategies, electro-encephalography modeling, breast cancer modeling, neglected tropical diseases modeling, communication modeling for mobile phones and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles, and sport data modeling. Challenges and future trends for innovation and transfer of technology in Statistics are also addressed.

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